4K Streaming into our homes not too far off!

Do I want a 4K TV in my home? Hell yeah! But frankly thats because I’m a geek and a audio visual snob. The main factors (possibly only factors) for me at present are the vastly prohibitive price of the screens themselves, and the current lack of available 4K content.  Both these are likely to change however,and a Japanese TV …

Sony take a pop at Microsoft

Having been taken in by the PS4 (as well as the new Mac Pro) spotted this on You Tube this morning. The best ideas are the simple ones, and the funniest.. Watch below and waste 20 seconds of your life, then pre order a PS4. [framed_video column=”full-width”]http://youtu.be/kWSIFh8ICaA[/framed_video]

Live TV Advert

Live TV Ads, Clearcast Challenge…. Nobody Swear!

TV channel Comedy Central will be broadcasting a live ad, challenging a quartet of improv-comedians to come up with some side-splitting material on the spot. On Monday June 17, the 9.10pm commercial break will be taken over by the group from Mischief Theatre, who have to respond to a product from a ‘mystery’ brand – without an inkling of its …